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Cane Corso Bite Force: Measuring Up to Lion’s Roar

The Cane Corso, a robust Italian breed of Mastiff dogs known for its loyalty and intelligence, boasts one of the strongest dog bite forces. Their strong bite force can range from 700 to 1600 PSI, making them among the mightiest biters in the canine world.

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However, factors like age, size, and genetics influence the exact force. Understanding the Cane Corso’s bite force is vital for dog owners to ensure proper training and socialization, preventing incidents. It’s also crucial for everyone to learn about this breed’s characteristics for safe interactions.

Explore more about Cane Corso and their powerful jaws.

Bite Force Meter & Its Measurement

The bite force is how strong a dog’s jaw can grip. It’s measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). A dog’s bite force measurements depend on the dog’s jaw muscles and size, head shape, and teeth position.

A device called a bite force meter is used to measure the exact bite force. The dog bites on it, and it measures PSI. Keep in mind that measurements can vary based on the method and the dog.

Bite force matters when talking about dog breeds. It shows how strong their bite is. Let’s look at what it is, how it’s measured, and how Cane Corso compares to other breeds.

Origin and History

cane corso bite force

The Cane Corso has a rich history dating back to ancient Rome, where they served as versatile working dogs, from guarding property to hunting wild boar and even arena battles.

Evolving into specialized guard dogs, they gained recognition as a distinct breed in the 1980s. Sadly, they faced near-extinction during World War II, but dedicated breeders successfully revived them.

Today, the Cane Corso enjoys popularity and love both in Italy and worldwide.

Cane Corso Bite Strength

A bite force meter, or pressure transducer, is used to measure the bite force of a Cane Corso. This device includes a sensor placed between the dog’s teeth, often on the canine teeth, which are the strongest and used for biting and tearing.

cane corso psi

During the measurement, Cane Corso bites down on the sensor, and the device records the pressure exerted by the jaws. This process is typically repeated multiple times for an average reading.

Factors like the dog’s age, gender, health, and the testing method can affect the bite force measurement.

On average, a Cane Corso’s bite force is estimated to be around 700 PSI, one of the highest among dog breeds. However, individual measurements may vary based on each dog’s unique characteristics and conditions.

Physical Attributes

The Cane Corso, a muscular dog breed, boasts males weighing 90-120 pounds and females at 70-100 pounds. Their short, dense coat varies in colors like black, fawn, and gray.

what is a cane corso bite force

Notably, they possess powerful jaws and a formidable bite force. This trait makes them exceptional guard dogs, ready to protect their families and property.

Additionally, the anatomy of their jaw and the strength of their jaw muscles are crucial factors. Cane Corsos possess broad and powerful jaws, aptly suited for grabbing and holding prey. Their muscular development in this area enables them to apply considerable pressure when biting.

Moreover, the Cane Corso’s distinctive “scissor” bite, where the upper and lower teeth interlock tightly, amplifies their biting power. This anatomical feature not only enhances their grip but also increases the overall effectiveness and force of their bite.


According to AKC, Cane Corsos are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and eagerness to please. They are versatile and form intense bonds with their humans.

However, they can also be assertive and willful, potentially dominating an unprepared owner. The Cane Corso may not bond with everyone but is extremely loyal and protective of its family.

They are sensitive to their owner’s emotions, often mirroring feelings like happiness or anger. These dogs love having a job, thrive on mental and physical tasks, and excel in activities like tracking, agility, and scent work.


how strong is a cane corso bite

The training of a Cane Corso greatly influences its use of bite force. A well-trained dog will use its strong bite responsibly and only when necessary, while a poorly trained or aggressive Cane Corso might bite inappropriately or excessively.

It’s important to respect and responsibly manage their powerful bite. Bite inhibition training is crucial for all dog breeds, including the Cane Corso with its strong bite. Key techniques include:

1. Positive Reinforcement: Reward the Cane Corso for gentle bites with praise and treats, teaching them that softer bites are preferable.

2. Redirecting the Bite: If the dog bites hard, redirect them to a toy or chew to show that biting is okay only on suitable objects.

3. Consistency: Maintain consistent rules and expectations. Everyone in the household should follow the same guidelines to avoid confusing the dog.

4. Socialization: Socializing with other dogs and people is vital. Puppies naturally learn bite control during play and this should continue as they grow.

5. Obedience Training: Establishing the owner as a leader through obedience training builds trust and respect, reducing aggressive tendencies and aiding in bite control.

Socialization Strategies

cane corso psi

Socialization is key for teaching dogs to behave properly around different people and other animals and can reduce aggression. Here are brief strategies:

1. Early Socialization: Start socializing puppies between 3 and 14 weeks old by exposing them to diverse people, animals, and environments positively and controlled.

2. Gradual Exposure: Introduce new experiences slowly to avoid overwhelming the dog.

3. Controlled Interactions: Supervise interactions with other dogs and people, introducing them one at a time in neutral settings.

4. Desensitization: Gradually expose the dog to feared objects or situations, starting with low intensity and slowly increasing.

5. Training: Regular obedience training helps establish leadership and teaches the dog to control its impulses in various situations.

Bite Force Comparison

cane corso bite

The Cane Corso is a powerful breed with a strong bite force, estimated at around 700 PSI, higher than many other breeds like German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Pitbulls. But remember, measurements can vary based on the method and the dog, and bite force is just one aspect of a breed’s strength.

Is Cane Corso’s Dog Bite Stronger Than a Lion’s

Cane corso vs lion bite force

Interestingly, a Cane Corso has a stronger bite force than a lion, with about 700 PSI compared to a lion’s 650 PSI. However, in animal confrontations, factors like size, weight, agility, and fighting experience also matter, not just bite force.

Cane Corso vs. Other Breeds

cane corso vs pitbull

When comparing the bite force of a Cane Corso and a Pitbull, the Cane Corso generally has a stronger bite force. The Cane Corso’s bite force is estimated at around 700 PSI, while a Pitbull’s bite force is around 235 to 250 PSI.

Kangal’s is slightly higher at 743 PSI. However, factors like size, agility, and temperament also play crucial roles in their behaviors and capabilities.

Dog Bite Laws and Owner Liability

Dog bite laws vary by location. Generally, owners are responsible for their dogs’ actions. Strict liability laws in some areas hold owners accountable regardless of negligence or knowledge of the dog’s aggression. Others use a “one bite” rule, excusing owners from the first bite if unaware of the dog’s aggression.

Breed-specific laws may apply stricter rules to breeds like Cane Corsos. Cane Corso, a large and powerful breed, has one of the strongest bite forces of any dog breed.

If a Cane Corso bites, the owner could face liability for injuries and damages, influenced by knowledge of the dog’s aggression, control over the dog, and victim behavior.

A Cane Corso bite can lead to severe physical injuries, infections, and legal or financial consequences for the owner. It underscores the importance of responsible ownership, training, and socialization.


While the Cane Corso breed possesses a significant bite force, a reflection of their strength and guardian heritage, it’s their training, socialization, and the responsible care they receive that truly define their behavior.

This powerful dog breed, with its deep loyalty and intelligence, can be gentle giants when raised with love, consistency, and understanding, showcasing that its potential for affection and companionship matches its power.

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