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How to Use a Garland Decoration to Add a Festive Touch to Your Decor

Garland Decoration to Add a Festive Touch to Your Decor

A garland decoration is a festive way to add a little holiday cheer to your space. The best part is, they are one of the simplest decorating tools at your disposal. Whether you use it to dress a mantel or elevate an everyday piece of furniture, these festive accents are sure to brighten the room and make you feel the holiday spirit.

Use a green garland to create a modern Christmas table centerpiece. Run the strand straight down the middle or zig zag it around candlesticks and other elements. Either way, it adds a little sparkle to your dinnertime gathering. This easy design from Urbanology Designs is perfect for a contemporary dining room or even a modern foyer.

Dress an antique mirror or a mirrored buffet with a long piece of garland for an eye-catching holiday accent. A garland is ideal for highlighting the curved shape of a mirror and can also include red accents, like berries or ribbons, to pick up on any red decor you may have in your home.

Elevate a store-bought garland by embellishing it with fresh greenery and other natural decorations. Sprigs of silver dollar eucalyptus lend texture and scent to this store-bought swag, while pinecones and red berry picks blur the line between faux and real greenery.

A simple green garland is also an effective way to dress a window frame or cased opening, especially when used with an existing curtain rod. This clever idea from blogger Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona complements a midnight blue wall of built-ins in her home.

How to Use a Garland Decoration to Add a Festive Touch to Your Decor

A green garland can even be tucked under and over an existing wall decor item, such as a large framed print or photograph. This clever technique from designer Sarah Fischer of Sarah & Sons Interiors is an attractive and easy-to-do way to add holiday flair to any space.

You can also dress an entire banister with a simple garland. Fischer suggests using a thick string of twine to secure the garland, which provides a strong hold without marring the wood surface of the banister. She also suggests adding a few decorative ties to the end of the garland for an added touch.

Even though most Christmas garland comes with lights, you can double up the illumination by adding extra bulbs to your display. This trick is a great way to create a more luxurious look for your holiday decorating, and it can be done at any time before the season begins.

Consider hanging your stockings from a piece of garland this year. The Bridger family of Michigan used this creative idea to hang their stockings, which are a nice tribute to their nearby apple orchard. Simply drape a piece of garland over the banister and thread your stockings through the branches.

If you don’t have a fireplace or want to keep your Christmas tree out of reach, a banister is a wonderful place to hang your stockings with care. This idea from designer Lizzie Farrall of the Lizzie & Lola blog is a great alternative to a traditional mantel.

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