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Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Comes To PC This March

PlayStation console exclusivity used to be a permanent status for a first-party game to have, but in recent years, Sony has been sending its most popular first-party titles to PC as well. Today, we learned about the most recent instance of this – Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition is coming to PC on March 21. The news comes via the PlayStation Blog, where they revealed that both the base game and its 2023 expansion, Burning Shores, will come to the new platform as a package deal. 

Bringing the game to PC allows more people to play it, but it also allows people to take the experience to a new level with a powerful PC. Here’s what the blog post has to say about the PC specs.

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition on PC features unlocked frame rates, customizable graphics settings, and a broad range of performance-enhancing technologies, including NVIDIA DLSS 3 upscaling and frame generation. AMD FSR and Intel XeSS are also supported. For players with high-end hardware and extra headroom, image-enhancing NVIDIA DLAA is also available. The game leverages DirectStorage for quick loading times on PC.

 To figure out if you want to grab the game for yourself, check out our review of the base game, and then read our review of the expansion. For more Horizon, check out our thoughts on the VR game, Call of the Mountain, as well.

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